1. Meghan says:

    I LOVE these positive birth affirmations ???? You should sell these!! I would totally buy them

  2. Jean says:

    Reading these gave me chills and Iā€™m nOt even pregnant. So good!

  3. Heidi reber says:

    First not sure why everything Is in Capitalized my email is all lower case. I have enjoyed your instagram so much i have a daughter and daughter inlaw having babies i would absolutely love your affirMation printables emailed to me please. My sweet daughter Inlaw Gave birth eigHteen months agO To a Still born beautiful grandson and i truly believe these would help her. Shes extremely nervouS and so scared. Of coarse high risk pregnancy this tiMe. Thank You Lynzy

  4. Montserrat vera says:

    thank you so much for this birth affirmations they are gorgeous!! this is going to be really helpful for my babie birth.

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