1. Montana says:

    Hi, I remember you posting on the gram ur tip about getting stains out of baby clothes- I forgot what you said to do šŸ˜µā€šŸ’«

  2. Dottie Ruhlig says:

    Where are the sconces from in your girls, room again?

  3. Antonella says:

    Hi !

    What type of formula did you use ?

  4. Celina says:

    On Instagram I got a lot of my Covid info from Laurel Bristow (kinggutterbaby), and I remember you following her as well. Have you found anything similar in a blog or website format?

  5. Morgan Jacobs says:

    Hi Lynzy! How are you liking the soapstone countertops? Any reviews? Iā€™m nervous to make the jump but am in love with the look of it!

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