1. Monique says:

    Thank you so much for talking about this! I have really enjoyed your views on this topic this year and you have really put things into perspective for me. I wish you all the best and look forward to reading and following along with you on your blog. Downloading freely now. Sending love and support to you always. From one mom to another, thank you Lynzy!

    • Jena says:

      Mad mad respect for you, this self care you are showing your kids is what they (WE) need to see…and in turn hopefully practice it themselves. I thank you for the time you allowed us all in. And personally you made me feel not so alone during this pandemic. I appreciate the fact based information you always provided and you were just a lot of fun…so I’ll miss getting to hear from ya. But it’s always good to leave on a high note.
      I wish you the very very best, and again thank you for your time, it really was a comfort to me to know there are people like you out there 💜🤘

  2. Kristen says:

    I’ve been a “follower” of yours for almost 6 years #latenightnursingfeed and that’s when I got into social media during my middle of the night feedings, it made me feel less lonely. But as the years went on I realize I do feel how you do, SM is a LOT. The mom guilt is real always reaching for the phone and not a toy or game to play with my kids. Thank you for sharing information with us. I look forward to your newsletters in the future. Merry Christmas!

  3. Maura says:

    I found you on Instagram after you had already started talking about leaving- what you post and share has really shown me how detrimental social media is to my mental health and my relationships. I am slowly working towards giving it up altogether and I really have you to thank for that! I will keep up with your blog and podcast after you leave Instagram, thanks for all you do!

  4. Cheyanne says:

    Thank you Lynzy for the truly valuable content that you have brought to this platform. I’ve enjoyed following as you’ve shed light on many topics these last few years. So happy to see you put your family and yourself first! I hope many others will do the same.

  5. Nikki says:

    Such a good read and adds to everything you’ve been saying all year and the same things I know I’ve been feeling and thinking for a while now. I love your content and honesty and can’t wait to stay up on your blog. Happy Holidays!!!

  6. Hanadi says:

    Thank you, Lynzy! You’ve really challenged the way I view social media and my consumption of it. There is something really telling about the sense of relief people felt when social media was down for a day a while ago… This post truly hit the nail on the head in so many ways. Although your presence will be missed on IG, I am looking forward to reading your blog posts and seeing the life you are living outside of social media. Your children’s lives will be profoundly impacted in such a beautiful way, may many memories that are captured with the eyes and not the phone be made along the way!

  7. Melissa says:

    Honestly, I thought you were losing it a while ago. But the more I’ve thought about this – the more I’ve realized that there is zero benefits to instagram. Why am I always thinking about posting a picture at a fun event instead of capturing the moment for myself? Why am I getting so much anxiety about the state of our world via the opinions of others? Why am I looking to people for advice and guidance who aren’t experts… everyone is an “expert” these days on social media. Why am I posting photos of my children and myself? Why am I spending so much money? I’m on my way out from social media as well. Thanks for sharing your journey even if it was at times difficult to hear. I’ve learned that often times, the things that bug you most about others are the things we need to work on most within ourselves. I’ll be following you on your blog!

  8. Sam says:

    Thank you, Lynzy! I deactivated my accounts today.

  9. Breanna says:

    Thank you!! I love blogs, and I have not had a social media account on over 8 years.. I love that you are coming back to your blog and not other areas. Makes it much simpler to follow you.

  10. Julie L says:

    Thanks for being you and using this platform to give us info about family life, mental health, covid vaccine and everything in between! Will miss your presence on Instagram! Enjoy life around you and I’ll be seeing you on your blog! Blessings!

  11. Vanessa says:

    Thank you for speaking about this. With 2 young girls I’m so worried for the time that they ask for their own phone. It’s time to set and model healthy boundaries around phones and SM. I look forward to following your journey on your blog.

  12. Sara Astarita Callahan says:

    Thank you Lynzy! I’m a new mom & NP and have always loved your account. You have inspired me to make changes, to be more present and strongly consider coming off social media for my own mental health, and to set an example for my daughter. I know my anxiety spikes when I look for more ways to “perfect” my life and to show my “perfect” life… it’s such an unhealthy pattern. We will never wish we spent more time on our phones at the end of life, we will regret time not spent in a present way.

  13. Christina Gayman says:

    I have loved following you on Instagram for the past 5 years, but so appreciate so “real” you have been about what social media and being connected ALL of the time can do to a person. I did no-social September and my overall mood was so much more positive – one of my goals for 2022 is remove myself from it altogether. Thank you for everything; I look forward to continuing to follow you via your podcast, blog and patreon community.

  14. Shana says:

    Simply…Thank you!

  15. Margo says:

    I love everything about this post. It resonates so much. I wonder, how do you navigate social media with family/friends? Is it the same or do you use a different approach to keeping in touch with family/friends at a distance ? I feel it’s a push pull thing family wants to stay connected on SM but it requires getting on there and all that that entails. Is a happy medium possible?

  16. Meg says:

    Lynzy, I’ve not opened my Instagram app since that 6hour Facebook issue (I can’t even remember when that happen!haha) and
    WOW how my life has beautifully transformed. Thanks to you, PLUS my own willingness to clearly see what social media does done to me, I’m FREE. So happy for you. Okay, so I guess I should join your Patreon account now?! Although I truly love just the newsletter. ♥️

  17. Marci H. says:

    Yes yes yes yes! Thanks to your lead and inspiration I have left social media and it is so freeing. I can start to feel my creativity coming back, I’m less anxious, and I use my phone so much less. I am more present for my son, and don’t feel the need to take pictures to document our lives. Thank you Lynzy!!!

  18. Colleen says:

    Thank you for your words of wisdom! As I’ve read your blog, posts, and stories all year about you leaving, I’ve thought about it myself and realized that I too should be leaving and will slowly do so. Thank you!

  19. I. Jordan says:

    Well said. I quit social media in 2017, after having our third child and don’t have any regrets except that I should have quit sooner. Having four kids will keep you busy enough (I know, we have 4 under 8) and the freedom to live your life quietly has no price on it. I look forward to any blog posts (the good old days!) and hopefully the occasional newsletter that you pour so much energy and time into. Keep that light of yours shining bright and I pray that this new chapter of the rest of your life is amazing. Much love 💗

  20. Uliana Fenner says:

    Thank you for this post and for raising awareness. I listened to Cal Newport on Digital Minimalism on the Rich Roll Podcast back when you first recommended it in the summer of 2021. I deleted all my social media that day and I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY THAT I DID THAT. I never regretted it for one second. Why would I? I get to spend my precious free time with my baby and my husband in REAL LIFE.

  21. Eileen says:

    You Encouraged me to think more about this, I’ve been watching this decision unfold on IG & 3 weeks ago disabled my IG ( did not have FB) and it’s life changing, I notice a decrease in anxiety and feeling less irritable! I am a therapist and encourage my clients to try eliminating social media and you have taught me so much and shown me new resources to help others see the impacts. Thank you! Enjoy! I’m 3/4 weeks post social media and already enjoying the benefits!

  22. Jessica says:


    I Have been waiting for this blog to finally be finished since you started talking about it on Instagram. I wanted to Say thank you, because of you I deleted the app a few days ago and today I disabled it! Now I’m working on Facebook. I don’t think I would have ever done this if you didn’t share your experience and have relations on how I was feeling. Thank you!!

  23. Jess says:

    I left social media about two years ago, I remember your site from time to time and look your website up. The amount of peace that has increased in my mind since leaving social media is so worth it. And you kind of don’t realize how right it is to leave until you feel that peace- best of luck!

  24. Laura says:

    I cut the cord last year and suddenly felt like I gained my mind/thinking back. I wish you happiness in your new experiences!

  25. Kimberly says:

    Lynzy, I am not a mom, but an Aunt to two precious little girls. I can see what social media has brought into a global society. Sure, we can connect in ways digitally that we have not done before; however, it does not replace the creative juices within ones brain. I want the for my nieces + nephews. Oftentimes, finding myself mindlessly scrolling through FB or IG or even TikTok and I am asking myself, “Why are you doing it, Kim? What is on here that’s worth it to you?” Suffice to say, I am nearing the point where I too will cut the cord.
    thank you!

  26. Pamela says:

    I love that you’re choosing this path. You were one of the first influencers I started following and I do have to say, it’s changed so much over the years, I miss the way it was back then. I think social media is such a blessing as my family in Europe is able to keep up with my life here in the US but it’s also a curse as we are glued to our phones more and more…..

  27. Colette says:

    Just found you through the Under the Influence podcast. I never followed you on Instagram. I disabled my Instagram account on Dec. 31st and took and entire MONTH away. I logged back in last week and I was honestly depressed the whole week and spent more money than I wanted to. I don’t think I need to be on it and I’m an adult. I can’t imagine what it does to youth. I disabled it again (they only let you disable/sign back in a week at a time) and I’m considering making it permanent . Thank you for sharing!

  28. Jacqueline says:

    Ugh, I LOVE this. You articulated everything I’ve been feeling about Instagram. It was fun when it began, but its glory days are long over. I’ve been longing to delete my account for so long as it brings nothing of value to my life— only kills my creativity, steals my time, and produces negativity. This is the article I needed to read to finally pull the trigger. If you (with a much larger following than I) can do it, then so can I.

  29. michelle says:

    I’ve been feeling this EXACT same way. I do influencing and have two kids and it’s been overwhelming for me to play “catch up” with Instagram and Tiktok. I feel so over it; this has validated what I need to do for my life. I need to be more present with my kids and I also have a blog and miss writing and being creative. This is such a breather!

  30. Hi LYNZY,
    A thoughtful and courageous decision! It’s inspiring to see you prioritize your mental health, family, and genuine connections over the constant demands of social media. Many of us can relate to the challenges of balancing work and personal life, especially in the world of influencing. Your choice to step away from Instagram to regain time, focus, and peace is commendable. Wishing you abundant moments of presence, creativity, and a deeper connection with the real joys of life. Your journey towards rediscovering boredom for the sake of genuine engagement and cultivating a slower, more thoughtful pace is truly inspiring. Cheers to a healthier and more intentional way of living!

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