1. Sarah M. says:

    yES to that Seamless bra from target!!! ???????? I’m 2 months postPartum with baby #3, exclusively breastfeeding, and It’s my favorite Nursing bra…ever! And I’m not small chested (D Cup). Wish i’d had it with my first two. Already Looked To see if they maKe a non-nursinG versIon for laTer. ????

    • Sarah M. says:

      When i tyPed this, it was showing as all caps. I am not a crazy person, and i do understand the rules of capitalization! ????

  2. Marisa says:

    The Kindred Bravely hands free NURSING/pump bra is a MUST for ANY working mama!!! Thw handsfree pump bralet thjng is sooo much hassel if you have limited pump breaks. But the kindred bravely bra is amazing! The pump part is buIlt in! So amazing!

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