1. Kat says:

    you’re hired πŸ™‚

  2. Lisa Favre says:

    Your patio is my ultimate dream patio! I love the fact that you’re also doing this on a budget – makes it realistic for a lot of us homeowners. It’s great that you’ve got potted flowers everywhere – like a secret garden!

  3. Michelle Cantu says:

    Oh my goodness I’m in love with your patio. We actually a patio in need of updating. Literally just a rectangle piece of concrete with nothing, I just didn’t know how to start. A dark mulch adds such a pop to the fresh light stone. Off to make a list for the hubby to start our own patio update.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Wow, this update turned out beautifully! This is such a great space for you to enjoy the warmer months with your family. I would love to be able to overhaul my yard like this.

  5. Chasity L Boatman says:

    Your patio is really coming along! The photo with your daughter watering the plants is precious! I like the pops of pink with the flowers.

  6. lisa says:

    WOW, so beautiful! I love the photos and your daughter is so cute. I can’t wait until our weather gets a little warmer so we too can update our patio, it really needs it! Those copper lanterns are really nice!

  7. Nikki says:

    Your patio turned out gorgeous! I really want to update my backyard and deck. The thing is, I rent. While my landlord is all about letting me do whatever I want, I don’t want to put a ton of money into a place I’ll be leaving eventually. I would do something small and budget friendly, maybe something that includes elements I could take with me (like the lanterns!)

  8. Ali Rost says:

    Too cute! We brought home two puppies six months ago .. and I was in full nesting mode. I can’t image how bad I would be if we were brining home a baby. Your new patio is beautiful .. I love the landscaping and all of the pretty details you guys did to make it special. Now you’ll be able to put your feet us and rest a while in the summer sunshine x

  9. Kiwi says:

    Amazing photos of your patio. I love the minimalist feel.

  10. Theresa says:

    You guys did a fabulous job! I love your patio. Not too cluttered, just right!

  11. Karen says:

    Love the color of your shutters! Are they painted, can you share info??

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