1. Rhoda says:

    I loVe this poSt and all the research you have found to support outdoor time with well being! We have been doiNg homeschool ouTsIde On mondays With our co-op thanks to the “No Such Thing as bad weather”. Also workIng to get outside With my 5 kids every day, even on the Rainy And cold ones. THanks for all the tips and information yoU have been sharing! Its been so encOuraging!

  2. Monique Stief says:

    Loved the content of this Also all the links to the different studies. I believe!

    • Jennifer says:

      Its great LEARNING about all The Studies SUPPORTING outdoor play and i personally prefer being OUTDOORS too, any advice for a little one that DOESN’T like the cold? His first winter in The north lol

  3. Lauren says:

    So good!
    Thank you for all your research!

  4. Nisha Sharma says:

    This is great! Inwill have to try this with my kiddos! Thank you so much for all the Great info!

  5. Megan says:

    I love this! We need to grt back to that mindset Of letting kids be kids and i have been loving watching my kids Imaginations at play when we are outside exploring. We starteD our 1000 hrs TRACKER jan 1 and my 5 yr old loves it! She requests To spend more time outdoors if we havent colored in eNough blocks.

  6. Rebecca says:

    Love this post! Thank you for doing the research, and sharing all this wonderful information.

  7. GIna Notes says:

    Thanks so Much fOr sharing! We Are taking on thr 1000 hoUrs outside challenge thIs year and its been great! We have been outside More hours in january than any winter before, even went On a winter hike this year instead of hibernating! I ThinK it’s so imporTAnt, eSpecially now!!

  8. Wendy says:

    I AGREE with On so many LEVELS. All kinds of benEfits to being outside.

  9. Luisa says:

    I love your content! Especially everything you link about the studies. I am not a mom yet but i hope to be within the next year and your content is just so useful and positive! Going out for walks in tHe morning and after work makes such a difference in my day espeCially now! So i can Agree with its importance! IM AN EARTH SIGN SO EVEN JUST BREATHING OUTSIDE IS SUCH A STRESS RELIEVER! You dont realize how much the kids need it too!

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