1. christina says:

    Do you think steps similar tk this would also work on a piano woth a high gloss finish?

    • Natalie says:

      How did you go about painting the keyboard cover? I recently acquired my husband’s grandmother’s piano and would love to paint it but want to do it correctly and not mess it up!

  2. Kate says:

    WHat is the purpose for the wax?

  3. andrea says:

    Your timing is crazy spot on. 2 days prior to your post, I googled How to Paint a Piano. Was thinking of decoupaging it or something creative. I went to Santa Barbara on Sunday and saw many painted pianos on the streets that people can just walk up to and play. Then wha-la…your post. So, I stopped at Dunn Edwards paint store just to find colors that I might like. Of course I would get the chalk paint you spoke about. I started a conversation with another shopper and she said I should try this paint called Annie Sloan. What are the chances of that? Here I am stripping my 2x painted piano so I can start new. Can’t wait to give it a new life. Thank you.

  4. Sara says:

    Tip or trickS for working with annie sloan paint? Ive been working on an old secretary and i just cant get it smooth – lots of brush stroKes no matter how carefully i try and paint it. Any suggestions? TIa

  5. MichElle says:


  6. NiCky says:

    Hey! Im so excited to do this to a piano im getting as a christmas gift for my family! Im wonderinf how much paint you ended UP using? Also if you know the exact ration you used Mixing the colors? I love love love your piano and your Website! So many good ideas are flooDing to my mind on what i can do to make my home look more cozy like yours! Thank you for sHaring! Xo

    • Sarah says:

      I’m Very interested in painting an antique piano that was given to mE by my family. Some of the wax Has come off over the years and a little paint discOloration from water damage BROUGHT on By my kids. Do you recommend Sanding it down beforE to make it smooth?

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