1. Nicole says:

    Hey Lynzy! Is the pink rug in your office more baby pink or more of a blush color?

  2. Mel says:

    love your style! have spent hours trying to source some of the items you link from here in the UK, but they are either not available, or cost 4 times the price! shame, I really need to stop looking at blogs from the US, it is heartbreaking that all the lovely items are only available over there.

  3. Sharon says:

    How well Does that dining room rug clean up? I’M looking for a rug to go under my tAble but i’m worried it’s just going to get destroyed.

  4. Jeannine says:

    Hi Lynzy!

    I follow you and love you! We are building our dream home in CT! Framing starts soon. I’m trying to gather all my dreams and inspirations now so it’s ready to go when the time is ready!

    Where are your white oak floors from?! Huge fan of your new beautiful kitchen! If you have five seconds of time (lol), can you send me any info on your flooring!? Thank you so much!!!

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