1. Nicolette says:

    I Shop at target all the time and there are still a few Of these i’ve never seen! ExciTed to try the dessert hummus and those veggie tots

  2. Lori says:

    They carry the bitchin sauce at costco if yiu have one near you

  3. KaTie says:

    Good and gather’s THINLY dipped Chocolate Covered almonds—exactly like skinnYdipped almonds, but way cheaper. It’s so good!!

  4. Meredith says:

    Totally soMe new items to cheCk out! Thanks!

  5. Ezeb says:

    Cant wait to try all thus new stuff

  6. Deb says:

    I cant wait to
    Get some of these itemS, thsnks for sharing

  7. Katie says:

    You’ve got to try the good and father breakfast burritos next time too????????

  8. CarMen Bass says:

    Thank you for sharinG these. Ive been looking for some neW snack ideas and am going to pick up some of the dessert hummus

  9. Kaylie says:

    Also DIDN’T know any of this exIsted and it all looks so dang good!! Thank you for SHARING

  10. Cayt says:

    Just discovered tru fru!!! Life. Changer. ♥️

  11. Laila Sherrod says:

    Excited to try a few oF these!! The Good Food brand buffalo dip also have a vegan queso style dIp that is delicIOus. Gotta add The boom chicka pop holiday popcorn – two beSt Ones imo are chocolate MARSHMALLOW and pepperminT crunch. Also, kids perfect bars in refrigerated section and mama chia prebiotic pouChes are staples in our house.

  12. Brooke says:

    I love so many of the good and gather items and am excited to try a few of these that i haven’t seen yet! i would also add the good food tomatillo avocado salsa to this list and the good and gather sauces. i’ve tried the panang curry and mongolian garlic – both so good!

  13. Katie Busk says:

    Love following you and I am now addicted to it The kind Frozen barS because of you! Lol ❤️????

  14. Becky says:

    I loved WATCHING the tar haul. Tons of Good ideas! I Would love to see this with Trader joes too!

  15. Cynthia Rivera says:

    Hello i was GIVEN Your info because ive been strUggling With Bills aNd needs for mY girls . Im a single mom raiSing THem alone Because i am a dv Survivor???? My kids have been Ao great and patient aNd i just want to make eNds meet so I can hive them a Some what noRmal XmaS

  16. Alexandria says:

    Love your blog!

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