1. Suezey says:

    I have traveled a lot as well with 3 kids , I think at this present time I would avoid Europe I think it’s fine if you are single but it is far to dangerous and uneasy st this time all 50 of the countries , I think wait till they are preteen or teenagers , they really will not get anything out of them until then and I’ve been to 12 countries , and it’s to dangerous

  2. Kait says:

    I think Tuscany can be really kid friendly – lots of outdoor activities. A bucket list item of mine is truffle hunting with a dog in Tuscany (there are lots of companies!) and then you get to enjoy a big family friendly big meal on location with those truffles. The videos are so cute, the hunting dogs are SO into it. Tuscany is central to a lot of cool stuff – Florence is a beautiful city with stunning views, insane museums, delicious pasta and gelato, nearby Assisi which is a charming little city known for St. Francis, Pisa which is a bit disappointing but a quick stop with the family to get a photo of the leaning tower is fun, and all of those other walled cities around Florence to explore. I also think the Amalfi coast, or Greece would be great options! Rent a house/villa and spend your time exploring the city, eating, and swimming. Things are so volatile in Europe right now, my honeymoon was spent confined to our apartment we rented in Paris because they shut down all tourist attractions with the Charlie Hebdo attack and kept us in our apartment as they searched for the terrorists. We couldn’t even leave because train stations and airports were temporarily closed. We ended up renting a car after a few days and drove to Bruge in Belgium which was an AMAZING place (hello frites and chocolate!)! While I am all for living your life to the fullest and not letting terrorists affect your life, I do think there are some safer choices in Europe to visit right now.

  3. BestKassie says:

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  4. Maurizia USA says:

    It was great car rental process. My rental car was pretty good. It seemed to me, that it was really new. I felt a fresh smell. Was quite comfy for my family. I was walking from terminal A to terminal B to get an auto. At that time, my family was near Terminal A what was not good, we were charged over $200.


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