Quick & Easy Pregnancy Workout

  1. Melanie says:

    I have a good friend who is pregnant, and I will have to share this with her. I definitely should have stepped up my workout game more during my pregnancy. These look doable, and I like how you show how to get these workouts accomplished even with an older kid in tow.

  2. Dee says:

    I am going to have to pass this along to a friend of mine who was concerned about working out while she is pregnant. I think she will find these techniques helpful.

  3. The important thing is to remain active. Looks like you are doing a great job to achieve that. Yoga and breathing execrtcises are excellent.

  4. Ali Rost says:

    What a wonderful workout! I love that there’s no special equipment required and all of the moves are easy to understand. So much fun that you incorporated your daughter .. so many expecting moms will already have a little one in tow. I wish you the best with your pregnancy!

  5. Amber Myers says:

    I should have done this while pregnant. I didn’t bother with any workouts, so it took forever to drop the pounds after I had my kids. This workout looks fantastic!

  6. Betty says:

    You go mama for working out while pregnant! I stayed fit by rowing during pregnancy. You look great and this is super good for the baby as well!

  7. You did a great workout here. When I was pregnant, all I did was walking. I walked a fair amount though. I used to love going to the local park and walking for 45 minutes. It was so therapeutic and relaxing to get out and listen to music and walk!

  8. Tina Butler says:

    Adorable photos!!!! You did an great workout 🙂 it is still important to keep fit during pregnancy. I love walking so that is what I did through all 3 of my pregnancies.

  9. Kiwi says:

    What a super woman! I love to see pregnant women staying in shape! You look like a pro and great motivation for other expectant moms!

  10. Nadine Rami says:

    I love this! For me it was swimming and long walks until my back hurt too much to walk. Then it was just swimming which felt great.

  11. Ashlyn says:

    Love this workout! Great anywhere routine.

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