1. Kari Sloat says:

    Love hearing your back story, I’m currently in my first semester of nursing school, but have a long term goal of possibly going to PA school or getting my NP. I’m also very interested in ER medicine.

  2. Alex says:

    I love this and absolutely love your blog. It’s been my saving grace as a new Mom! I started following you when I found out I was pregnant last November. I had just graduated PA school and started my career in hematology/oncology with my dream job….then two months later found out I was pregnant. My husband and I had been married 8 years so we were excited but as a new PA who just worked so hard for my career I was also terrified. Your blog and instagram gave me inspiration and hope that I could have a career as PA and be a good Mom. I am now in family medicine and the pace fits my life perfectly. My son Quinn is 7 months old now and being a Mom is the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you for your relatable, real post. You are such a role model and an amazing person. And an amazing Mom and PA!

    • Emily says:

      Alex! How funny! I started reading your comment and thought this sounds like someone i know… then saw your name at the top. Small world, kinda, in a virtual sort of way. Emily N.

  3. Ashton DeRycke says:

    I love this! Being a PA is a long-term goal of mine (after babies are done & in school). So neat to read about how you balance your career with your creative side and family life. Basically #goals!

  4. emily says:

    Been on the search for a stylish white coat…any recommendations?

  5. Katie says:

    Having a job you truly love and feel valued at makes leaving the little ones possible right!? Appreciate your advice and stories…first time momma of a 4 month old and I’m an ER PA-C as well!

  6. Claire DeNsmore says:

    Hi, my name is ClAire. I am currently a Junior in HighschOol and Want to become a p.a. I have applied to 12 programs 4 of whicH are AcCelerateD 5 year programs. I have my eye set on the Accelerated P.A program at Seton Hill University. So if you could Give me any tips, advice or just InFormation about what it means to go through the program and beiNg a p.a i’m sure that would heLp with the nerves, and jUst prepare me for The jourNey i am about To embark opOn.

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