1. Jenni says:

    My 4 month old goes to sleep around 6:30 and falls asleep quite easy. I put her in the crib sleepy but awake. The problem is she will usually wakes starting an hour and a half later and then has random wakings throughout the night. We usually go right in and put the pacifier back in and she falls back to sleep. My question is if I am doing the right thing by immediately going in and replacing the pacifier. She only has one feeding in the night but it is the wakings that I don’t know if I am handling it right. She is a short napper all day…25-35 minute naps. I put her down about every 2 hours throughout the day. By 6:15 she is ready to eat and for bed. Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. Flora says:

    Thanks for the great post! I’ve recently transitioned our baby from co sleeping to crib. He was great before, feeding every 4 hours or so. However, he’s waking up every 2 hours. We have no idea whether to console, feed, or ignore him. He’s currently 9 weeks old. We don’t want to create any bad habits with feeding /consoling him every time. Thanks very much!

  3. Jenn says:

    Love your blog! Thanks for sharing! We have a 7 week old baby (our second, we have a little girl around the same age as Liv). Our 7 week old baby will not sleep in his bassinet or crib. He will only sleep on us or in his swing. He has gas/ tummy problems and starts to scream whenever we put him down to sleep. We have tried swaddling him (he fights it like crazy) and we’ve tried elevating his crib, thinking that he may sleep better this way given his tummy issues. We didn’t ever have these issues with our first. She went down in his bassinet/crib very easily but she also LOVED being swaddled. He sometimes will fall asleep if he has his pacifier in his mouth but will wake up as soon as it falls out. Any suggestions? I feel like I’m failing as a mom and I don’t want him sleeping in his swing! All the swinging all night worries me!

  4. Dee says:

    I will be going back to work when my son is 5 months old. How do I manage sleep training and a napping schedule while he is in day care? I hope his daycare will follow my instructions but to some extent he will be part of the class schedule. What if that interferes with the # of naps, etc? Any tips for having daycare providers support the parents’ sleep training efforts would be great. Thanks, this post was really helpful!

  5. Jenni says:

    Thanks for replying to me. So we have tried not to go in every time she cries out. She went to bed around 6 and seemed so ready for bed. Since then she has woken up about 6 times. We have done it all..tried to cry it out but she is going longer than 15 minutes (what the pediatrician recommended), trying to burp her, replacing the pacifier. She just keeps waking up crying out. She falls back asleep pretty easy but it keeps happening. She is 5 months this week. Any more helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Melanie says:

    I was disappointed to read that this post turned into a post about sleep training infants. There are ways to survive changes in infant sleep that don’t involve leaving babies to cry and I wish those had been covered.

  7. Krystal says:

    Hi. Great article. My little one is 4 months and goes down easy at night around 9 or 930. We started this around 2 months and she was sleeping until 3 until she was 3 months. Now she wakes at 12:30 or 1. Sometimes she eats but not much, but if I put her next to me in bed she will go back to sleep. So I’m not sure if is comfort or hunger that’s waking her. So I guess my question is what to do when your LO wakes in the middle of the night?

  8. My first didn’t really do sleep regressions. In fact, she always loved to sleep, super easy baby, never got the evening crankies, etc. This baby? Oh my word! Night and day. She’s 7.5 weeks right now and after starting to sleep pretty great at night, went through a regression at 6 weeks. I am pinning this so I have the resource in a couple months. I bed she’ll also go through the 4 month regressions since she is the polar opposite of my first baby. 😉 (visiting from This Is How We Roll)

  9. Sara says:

    Help. My baby is going through this. He knows how to roll from back to belly and just wants to roll all night. How can I help this

  10. Great post! Love the Q&A – tons of great info! I feel like our sleep training beliefs and methods are on the same page! Linking to your post from my blog if that’s ok? Thanks for the info!

  11. Jergen says:

    This is a great post my daughter just went to sleep for 8-12hours lastweek then lastnight she was just crying incosolably then she went back to sleep then cry again until I nursed her. Is this sleep regression?we have a routine starting at 6pm she usually go to sleep between 8-9pm. Should I adjust her sleeling time between 6-7?

  12. Shannon says:

    You said this method isn’t CIO. But isn’t letting them cry for an hour, even with going in every few minutes, considered CIO? I know CIO works but I’m just not ready to let my 3 month old cry for that long, especially when I know all he wants is the comfort of his mommy (nursing). But he went from waking up once or twice a night to 5-6 times. Isn’t there any other way to help him sleep longer other than CIO?

  13. Jaelynn says:

    Thank you for this great post! What ages were your girls when you transitioned them to their own room and began Sleep training/letting them cry? My daughter has never been a very good sleeper anD is now 3 months old and we are really struggling with gEtting her to sleep longer than 40 min after goIng to bed at night. We do a bedtime routine each night and Lay her down dRowsy but awake. No matter what, shes up soon after. Im at a losS and am so scared for what month 4 will look like sInce this has been Such a challenge already

  14. Beth Elswick says:

    We are in the BEGINNING of the 4 month REGRESSION. My girl is 13 weeks- can i move her to her crIb (in BASSINET in my roOm)? Also, is she to young to sleep train like you mentioned Above?

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